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The top 10 reasons for living in Cyprus

  1. The fantastic Cypriot weather
    The island of Cyprus is blessed with long summers and short mild winters. In fact, you can expect to see the sun around 89% of the time. Rain occurs mainly in winter, with summer being generally dry.
  2. Few crowds and plenty of space
    If you are moving to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities, then Cyprus’s somewhat sparse population can be a real draw.
    The total population of Cyprus is around 850,000, and with around three quarters of those inhabitants living in the five main residential areas, it’s easy to see that despite the small size of the island, there is in fact quite a lot of room.
  3. English is widely spoken
    It may be surprising to learn that the majority of people in Cyprus speak English. Language barriers are often a main concern for people when thinking about moving abroad. Prior to Cyprus gaining independence in 1960, it was a British Colony for over 80 years, so most of the people who live there speak English.
  4. Fantastic standards of education
    The quality of education on the island is extremely high, and there are several international schools. Your children will not only have the advantage of a good education but also the benefit of growing up in an international culture. This is a cost that many expat families are happy to look at when considering relocation.
  5. Plenty of fresh air with low pollution levels
    With people becoming more aware of pollution and the effect that it can have on health; moving to an area, or country, with lower pollution rates can be high on the list of reasons for relocating.
    There is little heavy industry in Cyprus; so the air, land and water do not contain industrial pollution.
  6. Peaceful society with low crime rates
    Cyprus is a very safe country with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. This is a huge draw for professionals and young families looking for a safer country to relocate to.
  7. The low cost of living
    Compared to other locations in Europe, the cost of living on Cyprus is much lower. So, those who move to Cyprus, can expect to enjoy an excellent standard of living on a somewhat modest budget, whilst still being able to save for the future.
  8. Quality public healthcare
    The public healthcare services in Cyprus are excellent; meeting and often exceeding international standards. Permanent residents can access free basic medical care via the National Healthcare System, and emergency treatment in public hospitals is free to all.
  9. Incredible history & stunning naturals sceneries
    Cyprus has a rich and incredibly diverse history which can be traced back over thousands of years. With the oldest known settlements dating back to between 6000 and 9000 years ago, the island has so much to teach.
    Paphos Archaeological Park, part of a Unesco World Heritage Site on the south-west coast, is a treasure trove for history lovers. It is famous for its villas and their well-preserved mosaic floors, as well as the Tombs of the Kings, a necropolis dating back to the fourth century BC.
    Boasting so many rural areas, the island of Cyprus offers some truly spectacular natural scenery for those who are willing to explore in order to find it.
  10. Large expat community
    Moving to another country can be difficult, and many people struggle to begin with when faced with a completely different lifestyle.
    Being a part of an expat community can certainly help to ease any of those early struggles you might encounter in your first few months in your new home. Having others who have been through it all before means you have someone to point you in the right direction.

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