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Residency & Visa Services in Indonesia

1. Temporary residence permit, working permit in Indonesia

2. Visas


  • B211A Single Entry Business Visa

This visa type has an initial validity of two (2) months upon first entry to the country and can be extended 4 (four) times consecutively; for a period of thirty (30) days each time at the local immigration office. The maximum duration the individual is allowed to remain in Indonesia on this visa type is six (6) months. The duration process is 7-10 working days (express process)

Documents required:

  • scan color copy of passport with min 18months validity
  • bank statement
  • address in Indonesia

  • B317 Spouse Visa

This visa type is for foreigners who are married to Indonesian Citizens (WNI) and have official marriage certificates endorsed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. They may apply for a spouse visa Indonesia valid for one (1) year with the KITAS (limited stay permit card) being sponsored by the Indonesian spouse. Besides obtaining the one (1) year residence visa, they shall also be eligible for the MERP (multiple re-entry permit) from the local immigration office in the area where they live.

The Spouse Visa Indonesia requirements are as follows:

  • The original Marriage Certificate, acknowledged by the Indonesian government.
  • Indonesian ID Card/KTP of the Indonesian citizen (the spouse).
  • Family Registry/Kartu Keluarga of the Indonesian National (the spouse).
  • Personal savings Bank book belonging to the Indonesian National (the spouse).
  • Telephone/Mobile No of the Indonesian National (the spouse).

  • C312 Working Visa

Locally know as the KITAS, employment visas are meant for foreign nationals who wish to reside and work in Indonesia.

Employment Visa – KITAS Indonesia Eligibility Requirements:

  • Individuals who want to conduct employment-based work.
  • Sponsorship for this visa must be from a legal corporate entity (Company registered and based in Indonesia).
  • Legality of the sponsor company in Indonesia 

  • C313/C314 Investor Visa

The visa available for someone who wants to invest in Indonesia.

  • C319  Retirement Visa

This retirement visa type offers an initial stay period of one (1) year and may be extended five (5) times every year thereafter (for a period of 12 months each time)


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